The Key to Unlocking Your Superpower

Do you believe in the power of intuition? The ability to tap into your inner guidance system and make decisions that align with your true purpose and desires? This course will help you activate your intuition and use it to manifest your dreams faster than ever before.

What You Will Learn

How to develop your intuition and access your inner guidance system

How to trust your intuition and make decisions that align with your true purpose and desires.

How to connect with your Angels and Guides to gain valuable guidance.

How to perceive life, relationships, and finances from a loving, energetic perspective.

What You Will Receive

Live zoom training sessions

Exercises, eBooks, and worksheets to practice and apply what you learn.

Personalized feedback and support from Sandy Skaar.

Access to a community of like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery.

Payment options available.

Sheri Atcheson experienced a shift in energy and perception, learned how to deal with worry, became more grounded, and gained knowledge about chakras, essential oils, and crystals. Watch her inspiring review and take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

More Advanced Courses Available

Activate Your Intuition (6 weeks)

Learn to perceive life, relationships and yes, even finances from a loving energetic perspective to manifest beyond your dreams.

Activate Your Intuition (4 Months)

An even deeper dive than the 6 week course. Are you prepared to receive messages and signs?

Oracle Cards Course

Learn how to read oracle cards to seek guidance and advice on various aspects of life.

Additional Courses

We have many other courses to become inspired and have optimal living.  Body and mind balance, meditation practice, and more!


Get answers to common questions about developing your intuition. Learn how  Activating Your Intuition Course will help you access, trust your inner guidance system and manifest your dreams faster than ever before.

An intuition course is a structured and guided program designed to help individuals develop and strengthen their intuitive abilities. It provides participants with tools, techniques, and exercises to tap into their inner wisdom, access their intuition, and apply it to various aspects of their lives. Here's how an intuition course can help you:


  1. Enhanced Self-Awareness: An intuition course can deepen your understanding of yourself by encouraging introspection and introspective practices. Through this self-awareness, you can gain insights into your values, beliefs, and inner motivations, leading to better decision-making and personal growth.

  2. Improved Decision-Making: Learning to trust your intuition can significantly enhance your decision-making abilities. The course will teach you how to differentiate between intuition and fear-based thinking, enabling you to make more confident and aligned choices in various life situations.

  3. Heightened Intuitive Abilities: As you progress through the course, you'll likely notice an improvement in your intuitive skills. You may become more sensitive to subtle energies, symbols, and signs from the universe, which can offer valuable guidance and direction.

  4. Better Problem-Solving Skills: Intuition often provides creative solutions to challenges that logic alone may not uncover. By honing your intuitive problem-solving skills, you'll have a broader range of strategies to address obstacles and find innovative approaches to complex issues.

  5. Increased Confidence and Trust in Yourself: Many individuals find that developing their intuition boosts their self-confidence. As you learn to trust your inner guidance, you'll feel more empowered and capable of handling life's uncertainties with grace and resilience.

  6. Heightened Sensitivity to Intuition's Messages: The course will help you recognize the various ways your intuition communicates with you, whether through gut feelings, intuitive hunches, dreams, or synchronicities. This heightened sensitivity allows you to be more receptive to intuitive insights on a regular basis.

  7. Spiritual and Personal Growth: Intuition often plays a significant role in spiritual development. Engaging in an intuition course can lead to a deeper connection with your spiritual self, providing a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

  8. Alignment with Authentic Goals: Through intuitive practices, you can gain clarity about your authentic goals and aspirations. The course will guide you in aligning your actions and choices with your true desires, helping you live a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

  9. A Supportive Community: Our intuition courses foster a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This network can provide encouragement, inspiration, and a safe space to share experiences and insights along your intuitive journey.

  10. Applicability in Various Areas of Life: The skills and insights gained from an intuition course can be applied in multiple areas of life, including relationships, career choices, personal wellness, and spiritual exploration.

Can you visualize your dreams happening today, not in years?

Imagine not being "stuck." I can show you how!

Activate Your Intuition is a 6-week course^ where you will learn to perceive life, relationships, and, yes, even finances from a loving, energetic perspective to manifest beyond your dreams.

Heart-Align Intuition 4-Month^ course takes you beyond the 6-week course to understand your connection with Angels, Divine, God, Chakras, Crystals, Essential Oils, Mother Earth, and so much more.  

Sandy's courses are all taught using her Signature Heart-Aligned Intuition Techniques, making her courses more effective than others.

Additionally, by completing a course, you become a member of the ^Heartfelt Community, which meets free monthly! 

  • Learn how to receive "messages"
  • How to "enhance communication"
  • Become aware of "new opportunities"
  • Learn how to get "unstuck"
  • Understand your Soul's Purpose!

What is it costing you

  • to be stuck?
  • unproductive?
  • restless nights?
  • stress?
  • relationship issues?

These are important questions to ask yourself. As with anything, "why" do you want to Activate Your Intuition?

If you are serious and committed to moving forward, then I suggest:

6-week Activate Your Intuition $545 + $98* down payment to hold your seat Payment plans are available.

4-Month Heart-Aligned Intuition $775  + $98* down payment to hold your seat. Payment plans are available.

*There is also a one-time non-refundable deposit of $98

I encourage you to consider: what is costing you to stay stuck?

Ready to embark on a life-changing journey? Let us guide you toward the ideal event and help you achieve your dreams.

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