Balance and Purpose

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. That’s why I created Heartfelt Coaching 333: to help you create real, lasting, and positive change by tapping into the power of your intuition.

Here’s the Path that Led me Here

Growing up in a broken family and facing personal struggles from a young age, I learned to be resilient and determined.

As a teenager, self-doubt and anxiety consumed me. However, I found solace in listening to my intuition and developing my inner strength. 

During my young adulthood, I pursued a career in healthcare. While fulfilling, I always felt a deeper calling to help others in a more profound way.

But after going through a painful and transformative divorce that I never thought I would overcome, I discovered my true calling: helping people like you tap into their own intuition and find their inner wisdom.

That’s why I founded Heartfelt Coaching 333, where you can explore your deepest desires, overcome your fears, and discover your own intuition.

With over 30 years of experience and insight, I’m committed to guiding you on your own journey of self-discovery.

Let’s connect and begin the beautiful process of transformation together.

How I Found My True Calling

I’ve been on a long journey of self-discovery to say the least.

The power of Heartfelt Coaching 333 is undeniable. Read from those who have embarked on their own journey of self-discovery with me:

Heartfelt Coaching 333

Transforms Lives

- Tabitha More

Your Best Life, Amplified Coaching & Consulting.

“I had an amazing chakra session with Sandy. She’s not only a successful business owner but also gifted in helping her clients. Thanks to Sandy’s help, my life has been amplified in many ways.”

- M.A

“My experience working with Sandy was life-changing. Through her intuitive coaching, she helped me identify potential distractions and provided custom-tailored strategies that brought clarity, trust in my intuition, and peace. Sandy’s professionalism and commitment to confidentiality made me feel seen, heard, and safe in every session. I highly recommend working with her.

- MoNique Holland

Your Best Life, Amplified Coaching & Consulting.

“I took her intuition course and it has been very instrumental for changes in my life.”

Ready to embark on a life-changing journey? Let us guide you toward the ideal event and help you achieve your dreams.

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