Mind, Body, and Soul

At Heartfelt Coaching, we follow a holistic approach to healing that addresses the root cause of your issues — mind, body, and soul.

Sandy Skaar’s unique approach combines various healing techniques such as:


Intuitive guidance

Essential oils to help you achieve whole healing

Through personalized 1-on-1 consultations and group coaching sessions, Sandy provides a transformative experience that empowers her clients to take charge of their lives and achieve balance and harmony.

Hear from our clients and discover how our sessions have transformed their lives and helped them unlock their full potential.

Real Stories, Real Results

- Tabitha More

Your Best Life, Amplified Coaching & Consulting.

“I had an amazing chakra session with Sandy. She’s not only a successful business owner but also gifted in helping her clients. Thanks to Sandy’s help, my life has been amplified in many ways.”

- M.A

“My experience working with Sandy was life-changing. Through her intuitive coaching, she helped me identify potential distractions and provided custom-tailored strategies that brought clarity, trust in my intuition, and peace. Sandy’s professionalism and commitment to confidentiality made me feel seen, heard, and safe in every session. I highly recommend working with her.

- MoNique Holland

Your Best Life, Amplified Coaching & Consulting.

“I took her intuition course and it has been very instrumental for changes in my life.”

About Sandy Skaar

Sandy Skaar is a renowned intuitive coach, with over 30 years of experience in the field of holistic healing. Sandy’s divine connection and powerful use of Reiki set her apart from other healers. Her focus on listening to her client’s stories and prescribing essential oils tailored to their unique needs is what makes her approach to healing truly exceptional. Sandy empowers her clients to take charge of their lives and achieve a state of balance and harmony that resonates throughout their minds, body, and soul.

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