Workshops For Moms

Listen as Sandy discusses Children & Parents and techiques to deal with challenging behaviors.

Activate Your Intuition Faith~Hope~Love Summit

This is the reply of our Class at the Faith ~ Hope ~ Love Summit with permission from the attendees. Grab some snacks, paper and pencil and be inspired to Activate Your Intuition!

connect 12 Days of Christmas - Day 8 Grace

Michelle DeKeyser discusses “Grace” with Sandy Skaar as part of her connect 12 Days of Christmas. See the full series of

“connect 12 Days of Christmas” on YouTube at

Making An Impact One Life At A Time

Sandy discusses her and her 1st husband's journey of raising four children with diverse abilities and some of the foster children along the way. As Sandy says, she feels, she was chosen by God and his Angels to care and love for the angels in their care. Now, her and her 2nd husband, continue to raise, Paul and Kelly's son Joseph, while Lisa lives in a community home. Andrew works full-time, is married, has children, and grandchildren. Sandy also discussed Self-Directed Choices, her agency is founded to help people and parents just like herself.

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Workshops for Moms

November 17, 2022 panel of Mothers:

  • Michelle DeKeyser, “Rediscovering Our Spark”

  • Janel Otto, “Parenting During Difficult Times”

  • Sandy Skaar, “Children With Behavioral Challenges as


Sandy, MSW, parent of four, discusses children with Behavioral Challenges and how their behaviors are communicating.

Meet Sandy Skaar


Sandy Skaar, MSW

Sandy Skaar, MSW was a featured speaker at the National “Thrive in Business & Prosper in Life Summit,” on October 22, 2022

Schedule a time with Sandy here:

"Are you excited about your business, or a product or service? Sandy can help inspire you by teaching you what sets your brand apart from others." ~ Client

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