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Introducing doTerra Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils are potential!

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Over 175 Hospitals are Using doTERRA Essential Oils

Rufina Gilberto

Senior Manager - Data Governance and Quality

Are you?

Over 175 hospitals nationwide, including Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Vanderbilt, are using doTERRA essential oils for mood boosting, stress relief, pain management and so much more. They have done the research and have seen the amazing effects doTERRA's oils are having on their staff and patients.

If hospitals are seeing the benefits, so can your office! By using the oils, you can revolutionize the health and wellness of all of your staff and even customers/patients. When diffused, essential oils can help boost the immune system, help balance emotions, uplift the mood, set a relaxing tone, and even energize the entire office.

Here are some physicians who explain ways they use oils in the practice:

Vanderbilt hospital uses doTERRA Essential Oils

Before doTERRA Essential Oils of the 100 surveyed reported 41% reported stressed out at work, after using the oils 3%. Prior to the oils 60% reported being “fustrated at work” after the oils 6% reported being fustrated. Now some nurses are even using them at home! In the Vanderbilt Emergency Room they used

  • Wild Orange

  • Lime

  • Lemon

  • Citrus Bliss

As one nurse said, the better the staff feels the better the patients will feel.

Sandy Skaar, MSW, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Let me share with you how doTERRA can enhance you life and bring youe peace and enjoyment.

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